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Our Goal at Your Canada Drug Store is to ensure patients can receive safe and effective prescription and over the counter products at the best possible price without reducing the level of care you receive locally. We are committed to surpassing those who claim they are the best Canadian online pharmacy in both customer service and medication quality. This means that you can get any prescription online from Canada as well as non-prescription products.


We go one step further than others claiming to be the best online pharmacy store. Orders are dispensed by licensed pharmacy partners and share our vision and our 5 star promise. We guarantee that our patients receive safe and effective medication and build trust from proven action.


We have two decades of experience in the competitive online pharmacy marketplace. We have taken that experience and strive to be the best choice in the market. We make sure you have the option from different sources to make sure that you are in charge of where your medication comes from. It’s important to make an informed decision about where your medication comes from, so we make sure you get the manufacturer and origin you feel most comfortable with.


There are a lot of places online claiming to be the best online pharmacy store. Though there are many who claim to be the best Canadian online pharmacy they will often use parallel imports to get the lowest prices. We don’t believe in that, we think there are better ways to get prescriptions online from Canada. We can provide you with access to authentic Canadian, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand medication.


We also now offer medication from Pharmacy Checker and CIPA approved pharmacies in Turkey, India and Mauritius. These options ensure you get the best value for your money. Market dynamics make some pharmacies much more affordable than what you might find locally for the same brand products. If you have any questions, we have a pharmacy professional available to provide counselling when you call toll-free. We make everything as simple as we can while still providing the options you need.


Some will tell potential customers they’re the best Canadian online pharmacy but you have to make sure they’re legitimate. How are we different from everyone claiming to be the best online pharmacy store? Unlike rogue pharmacies we only ship medication that meet or exceed their local health authorities from the countries, manufacturers and brands you trust. These places are guaranteed to comparable to those set by United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) drug safety standards.


We make sure that getting your life-saving prescriptions is convenient and easy. You can speak to a trained Customer service representative or a licensed pharmacist to get the personal touch you deserve Call us to get your prescription online from Canada, or check out our online store. Find out for yourself why we are Canada’s best online prescription referral service.